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Beast Boxing Turbo Review – Button Mashing Edition


Beast Boxing Turbo Review – Button Mashing Edition

Beast Boxing Turbo sets you off on an adventure in Beasthalla, a land full of great beasts who make a name for themselves in the boxing ring. Utilizing a first person view, it starts off with you playing a human named Char to start his career in boxing. Sadly, you have to be a beast to enter the boxing league. As such, Char takes matters into his own hands and ends up going undercover as a beast. That’s where this boxing game takes off in a series of button mashing levels!

The gameplay consists of a couple of buttons, making it extremely easy for you to beat your opponent and get a feel for the game. All you need to do is throw a couple of punches here and there, dodge a hit, and then unload with punches and uppercuts to get through to the next round. It’s a bit repetitive but keeps the game simple, fun, and easy for people to enjoy it.

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Every round is easily beat. There’s always some sort of pattern available for players to follow. It’s either dodge, uppercut, and then punch, or some sort of boxing combo that can be learned from just watching your opponent for a minute or so. You do get a tutorial in the beginning giving you some tips and tricks on how to master each level. You also get a trainer telling you what to do which is helpful. You don’t need to be a genius to play this game, though, so I thought that trainer was a bit much from time to time. Another cool thing is that you can unlock perks and equipment to aid you throughout Beast Boxing Turbo. These help you tremendously, while switching up the experience a bit, too.

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Beast Boxing Turbo is really simple and easy to play and there isn’t a whole lot to it. It’s just level after level with upgrades that help you pass each round. It’s very easy to win by button mashing your way through it. There were times when I would panic and just press all the buttons together. That was enough to beat the level. It’s short and very repetitive. For me, it got boring after a couple of levels, but before you know it, the game’s over in an hour and a half.

The graphics are very crisp and each beast that you came across was very detailed and animated. Even in combat, when you throw a couple of punches you feel the strength of the punch by the way your character moves and during the impact.  I thought it was a good touch to give the player some sort of realism. The controls, on the other hand, are simple. To left punch, you press Z, to right punch, X. Standard stuff with the rest of the controls. Gamepads, keyboards and mouse are all supported.

Beast Boxing Turbo is a pretty fun game that will keep you busy for an hour or so. It’s pretty repetitive but a great little time filler. So, if you like boxing beasts in your free time this is the game for you! Beast Boxing Turbo is available on Steam for Mac and Windows users out there.

Final Breakdown

[+Fun game] [+Easy and to the point] [+Great graphics] [-Pretty Repetitive] [-Nothing special]



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