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3089 Preview – Robot Wars


3089 Preview – Robot Wars

Phr00t Software’s 3079 has finally shown up on Steam after working it’s way through the Steam Greenlight process. What people might not know is that the game’s sequel 3089 is currently in production and available for early access purchasing on the developer’s website. I decided to check the game out and see what exactly has improved in the time between titles.

If anybody looked at a screenshot of 3079, they really quickly realized this was an RPG set in a place that was built with Minecraft blocks. It wasn’t all that pretty, but game’s aren’t all about looks. That’s what sequels are for and I have to say, 3089 has the graphical complexity of an N64 game. It is always a bit weird checking out a game in process as you have a feel of the concepts, but there is a real feeling that this isn’t complete.

That being said, Phr00t’s working on this actively, which is good as I had the game hang routinely on me. Issues aside, what this game hopes to be is really interesting. It is an action RPG in the same vein as Fallout. Guns, swords and helmets can be crafted as your robot collects items and create their own experience. Improvements however are in the way you interact with the world around you.


In 3089 you are able to a few special things like craft platforms and even freeze time. It is a unique set of mechanics in an RPG and slowing time to escape some enemies you weren’t prepared for is really easy to pull off. The concept of the game is to grow as a robot on a planet by accepting quests and defeating others. Your bot enters the world with classically designed parameters. If you want it to be a thief, pilot, ninja or other role, you can assign it. It isn’t all that complex right now, but with the different things you can do to change up each experience with your character and the things around it, there is some satisfying things here.

If you do get tired of running around and pulling quests off in single player, a multiplayer mode is fully available. Finding players is a bit difficult with this being a work in progress, but once you find someone, you’ll be able to pull off quests alongside a team mate and craft a bit of fun.

There are some big improvements needed to be made to make this game something really special, but the foundation here is pretty solid. It will be interesting to see where Phr00t takes his game from here.

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