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10 Signs That You’re A Gamer


10 Signs That You’re A Gamer

There’s a lot of talk and debate these days about what makes someone a real gamer as opposed to a fake one. Well, allow me to tell  you, in ten simple examples, what it takes to be a gamer. It’s not for the faint of heart. Trust me, it requires a lot of work and it’s no wonder that for so many years we’ve constantly questioned every single person about their gamer prowess. Because it’s so important to know this before you can communicate with any human.

console war,

Or perhaps you’re on the other side of it all? Maybe you’re not sure if you’re a gamer. It’s okay to be confused, don’t worry. You’re not alone. So many suffer from this uncertainty. But believe you me, if you can relate to any of these points, you might be a gamer!

1) You own a video game.


Maybe even two!

2) You own a video game console.

console war

Maybe even two!

3) Your PC can play video games.

giphy (1)

Maybe even two!

4) You have a smartphone.


Welcome to the App Store, population YOU, amirite? Ha-ha-ha, we have fun.

5) You have a favorite video game character.


My favorite’s when Beyonce played herself in the David Cage adaptation of her life, Beyonce: Two Souls.

6) You have a favorite video game.


Personally, my favorite video game is Jennifer Lawrence: The Experience.

7) You played a video game and enjoyed it.


Hours and hours of fun await you in your next adventure!

8) You read video game magazines or websites.


Does anyone have the last issue of Nintendo Power? Seriously, I know this isn’t the appropriate place to ask this, but… you know, I figured I should try.

9) You’ve been inside a Gamestop.


I used to heavily rely on Gamestop’s trade-in policy. I used to be an idiot as a child. This isn’t even a joke, shit’s a scam.

10) You know the name of a developer/publisher/console.


Praise be to thee.

Well, it’s been fun, friends. If I helped even one lost soul today that really didn’t know what made someone a gamer, then my job is done.

surgeon simulator

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