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Check Out The Xbox One Dashboard


Check Out The Xbox One Dashboard

I did a feature not too long ago as to why I was excited for next-gen consoles. Amongst other reasons, one of my specific selling points was the excitement of fiddling with new user interfaces. UIs are of the utmost importance, and both companies have been holding the presumably unfinished UIs close. Only a couple of videos and pictures showing the bare minimums have been scattered around the internet. Leading me to be skeptical as to how polished, and or, finished these UIs are.

Today, Microsoft’s Mark Whitten and Yusuf Mehdi gave the Metro-esque Xbox One dashboard an all-in-one demo, showcasing what users can expect on November 22nd. I have to say it looks good, really good. Of course, this demo is probably in an ideal room, with ideal lighting, and ideal space for the Kinect sensor, and we will still have to wait until launch to see how the Xbox One dashboard performs in the wild. However, it is reassuring to see Microsoft, whom has struggled with Windows 8, not missing a beat with their new Xbox UI.

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