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The World’s First Unbiased Review of Call of Duty: Ghosts


The World’s First Unbiased Review of Call of Duty: Ghosts

Are you sick of biased reviews of games? Had enough of the author’s personal opinion of ‘how much they liked the game’ coming into what should be a neat, objective list of GOOD points and BAD points, preferably generated through the OBJECTIVELY GOOD THING RECOGNIZER 3000? We know you are – it’s been said in the comments board of literally every web-published game of the last century, and millions of people are never wrong. You’re in luck, because here at Twinfinite, we aim to please. Serve to please. Aim to serve. Please.


Taking the game out of the box, I noticed the packaging is fantastic. A smooth, plastic case which does not bend easily, and could probably take being sat on by a dog without breaking. Activision make games for the messy, every day gamer, and Ghosts’ box is another triumph. Putting the game in three different consoles (so as to avoid any brand loyalty or vile fanboyism), I was greeted with the animated logos of the developer and publisher – fantastic, and definitely up to scratch with the big boys out there such as Rockstar or Valve.

Menus are operated in a vertical format and can be navigated with the d-pad or analog sticks (perfect for anyone with thumbs) and the Options menu grants access to credits, controls, and language selection. While you’re covered if you speak one of the main European languages, Ghosts sadly leaves you out in the cold if you live in Turkic-Kurdish Central Asia, Polynesia or anywhere in Africa south of Egypt. We weren’t sure if this was a big problem,  so we ran it through the Recognizer 3000 and this one came out as a ‘bad’. Sorry Infinity Ward, gotta take a point or two off for that one.


The main campaign consisted of cutscenes, playable sections, and bits where your soldier gets knocked out by an explosion or a helicopter crash and wakes up later with blurry vision in a cell or a ditch or something. The story is about war, and men doing lots of war, and it is well represented in the gameplay by people having guns and grenades, and using said weaponry against other men. You fire your guns and grenades using the shoulder buttons of your console of choice (this one’s for you index finger-havers out there!) and will occasionally get in a vehicle or a turret which has a bigger gun on it. Hooking the Recognizer 3000 up to my brain during play showed that the emotions I felt in the campaign were FUN, DEJA VU and GUN.

There was also a dog.

The multiplayer looks a lot like the campaign, with a lot of the guns and locations making a return. The controls are also the same, but you if you get a lot of kills in one life you can press a button and a massive bomb comes out the sky and kills people. Because this is called a ‘reward’, our official analysis has labelled this as feeling REWARDING. There are many types of gun available, such as sniper rifles, submachine guns and assault rifles, because some people like to use sniper rifles, some like submachine guns, and some prefer assault rifles. This is a good thing. Mostly, however, your experience with the online multiplayer will depend on your internet speed.


To sum up, Call of Duty: Ghosts brings back some classic elements of the series: guns that shoot bullets, online multiplayer, shouting men. Its graphical textures also appear to have more polygons and the framerate is still a high number, and the high number means it is good. While it is not perfect because it is not Half Life 2 or Ocarina of Time, it is also a game you should buy, because Infinity Ward have worked very hard on it. Thanks.

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