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Wii U Lifetime Sales Predictions Lowered By Research Firm


Wii U Lifetime Sales Predictions Lowered By Research Firm

It’s been a rough year for the Wii U so far, with sales far lower than what Nintendo had originally projected. DFC Intelligence, a market research and consulting firm focused on the video game industry, has projected lifetime sales to be as low as 25 million units. To put this into perspective, the Wii’s lifetime sales hit somewhere over 100 million.

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While I believe that sales could be boosted this holiday season, it’s hard to say if some of Nintendo’s upcoming releases will be enough to push a significant number Wii U’s out the door. Nintendo has a big day coming up tomorrow, with Super Mario 3D World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worldsand Mario Party: Island Tour all releasing alongside Microsoft’s Xbox One. But the next-gen competition shouldn’t divert too much traffic away from Nintendo sales. David Cole, CEO and founder of DFC Intelligence shared his thoughts:

“I think Nintendo is carving out a different audience. I think that being said it is the right strategy. The audience they are going after is not the ones that Sony and Microsoft are going after. Right now they need to go after Nintendo fans first. They should have done that last year but better late than never.”

I hope that the Wii U does well in the long run, it’s a great system, but with only a couple must have games. I can understand why many people have been holding off on picking one up. So far for me, Wind Waker HD has been the only real reason to own the console. That is not nearly enough reasons for most people. But as Nintendo gets more of their always stellar first-party titles out into the wild, I think we’ll see more Wii U’s flying off the shelves.



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