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Wii Sports Club Tennis and Bowling Now Available


Wii Sports Club Tennis and Bowling Now Available

The HD editions of two of the games from the original Wii Sports– Tennis and Bowling– are now available for download on the WiiU eShop as Wii Sports Club games.  And honestly, these two were the best of the original game, in my humble opinion.  Each game comes with a free 24-hour trial period, but after that, players will have to pony up $1.99 for a Day Pass to play for another 24-hours or just put down $9.99 for a full Club Pass for permanent access.

The game have been enhanced too, including online play, and rankings based on what state or virtual sports club you choose to associate yourself with.  So with all these new features, hopefully the games can supply more entertainment past having the whole family over for Christmas dinner.  After all, once your grandma’s kicked your ass enough times at bowling, you might want some new opponents to play to let off some much needed steam.

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