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A White Ouya is Coming for Christmas


A White Ouya is Coming for Christmas

Well isn’t this a holiday season full of interesting new consoles. Not content to sit behind and let the big boys hog all the fun, those crafty creators over at Ouya have planned a special holiday surprise. A limited edition white Ouya is being offered straight from the manufacturer. This isn’t just your regular Ouya however as it is going to run with double the memory for only $129.

While I’m not sure that I’ll need that extra storage room with the ability to work off of flash drives, the new controller does sound tempting. It really is looking a bit Dreamcast meets Gamecube and while nothing has been revealed, hopefully I’ll be able to see one on store shelves this season.

You can pre-order the Limited Editon Ouya from Ouya’s website. Just be sure to do so by December 8th so you can have it under your tree by Christmas.

White Ouya


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