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Twinfinite’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013 (Intro Post!)


Twinfinite’s Holiday Gift Guide 2013 (Intro Post!)

Note from Editor Yami: Hello, Twinfiknights! This is the intro page for Twinfinite’s Holiday Gift Guide, so if you’re just right now checking it out, you’re starting in the right place. The holidays are here! Don’t know what to get that special geek /nerd/ human in your life? Don’t worry, Twinfinite has you covered. We’ve compiled our best suggestions for an array of categories that will be sure to appeal to a variety of people. This Holiday Gift Guide is the ultimate, nay, the quintessential holiday gift guide for 2013. For optimal savings, be sure to stampede on Black Friday. I’m kidding, don’t do that. Shop online in the comfort of your pajamas, like a normal person that doesn’t want to get hurt. LET’S GET TO THE LIST!

For the Next Gen Gamer

For the PS3 Gamer

For the Xbox 360 Gamer

For the Wii U Gamer

For the PC Elitist

For the Gamer On the Go

For the Retro Gamer

For the Children

For the Bargain Hunter (Under $10)

For Other Geeky Things

For Prank Gifts


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