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Twinfinight – How Do You Jump In Epigenesis?


Twinfinight – How Do You Jump In Epigenesis?

Welcome to a very packed episode of Twinfinight! Six of us sit down and play the ball-based game Epigenesis from Dead Shark Triplepunch for the PC. Watch as we struggle to figure out basic controls and then blame it on the game when we die. There’s also a lot of profanity, so stay away if you’re faint of heart!

Epigenesis is a blood sport. Suspended high above the ground on small platforms, you must outgun and outmaneuver the opposing team in order to score. To make things more interesting, you’re given a seed to plant when you score a point. Upon planting the seed on a platform of your choice, a large vine-stalk will grow, giving you a slight maneuverable advantage over your opponents.

It’s obvious that the game is still in alpha. Epigenesis is rough around the edges but it shows potential to be the exciting, fast-paced, blood sport is wants to be.

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