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TowerFall Ascension Coming to PC, PS4 in 2014


TowerFall Ascension Coming to PC, PS4 in 2014

Ouya’s big exclusive TowerFall will soon be expanding to PC and PS4 in 2014. The critically acclaimed, 2D arena battle game (I may have just thrown descriptive adjectives into a genre) TowerFall had a six-month exclusivity lease with the Ouya, but that will soon be a thing of the past. The game will be releasing to new platforms and will be an updated game.

Renamed TowerFall Ascension, the game will not be a straight-up port, but an expanded game altogether, one that will hopefully find a wider audience than the ~5,000 purchases on the Ouya console. New weapons, new characters, new maps, and new multiplayer modes will all be included in the updated release and hopefully more people will get to experience this amazing game.

[Polygon: TowerFall Ascension coming to PS4, PC]

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