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Help Fund The Slaughter, a Dark Point and Click Adventure


Help Fund The Slaughter, a Dark Point and Click Adventure

Blue Velvet meets Monkey Island? Now that’s a game I want to play. Brainchild’s 2D point-and-click noir adventure, The Slaughter, plays like a classic LucasArts game, but has the dark, uncanny feel of a David Lynch film.

Set in Victorian London, a serial killer (the now-infamous Jack the Ripper) is on the loose. You play as private investigator Sydney Emerson, a man who’s hit rock bottom both professionally and personally. When you begin investigating the case, you embark on a journey that thrusts you into “increasingly surreal situations,” which blur the line between dreams and reality.

As you explore the seedy streets, taverns, and opium dens of London, you meet a cast of interesting, eccentric, and sometimes genuinely insane characters. Look for clues, solve puzzles, and search for the killer all while trying to maintain your own sanity. One unique feature: Sydney’s conversation options change throughout the game as his mental state deteriorates, reflecting how trauma can impact a person’s interactions with others.

Morbid and surreal, this game both adheres to and subverts the point-and-click adventure genre. As the video above states, it is simultaneously conventional and unconventional. And, if it’s ever gonna see the light of day, this game needs your help!

Brainchild’s Kickstarter campaign has a goal of £8000, of which they’ve already raised over £2000. Provided they reach their goal, The Slaughter will be released on PC, Mac, and Linux. If you’re interested in pledging a donation, or learning more about The Slaughter, you can visit the game’s Kickstarter.


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