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The MIX LA – Aztez Preview


The MIX LA – Aztez Preview

[Promoted from our Community Manager’s inbox, here’s another fantastic Guest Writer! This comes from community member, Sterling Archer as part of our The Mix LA coverage. Sterling is a gaming and tech blogger following everything on our special industry. You can’t follow Sterling on Twitter but you can hear about his exploits on our site every blue moon.]

Team  Colorblind is at work on Aztez, sharpening the engine and features with the 2014 release date rapidly approaching. At MIX LA, there was a chance to take on the ultimate challenge of Aztez and it was painful. The latest build for the demonstration was a five minute challenge mode testing creativity and power for the real-time battle system. After a few rounds it became clear that the timer was just a death counter and the variety and intensity ramped up with each passing second.


The fortunate part is that with such a minimalist presentation in color, one can appreciate the details and refinements in Aztez. The character art and movement is fluid from frame to frame and the gestures themselves roll together well. While it was a painful three to four minutes of trying to survive, it was also beautifully presented with sharp contrast and blood. There’s a highly stylized presentation in Aztez and it’s a genuine change of pace from the vivid landscapes and sprites normally featured.


Fortunately the challenge itself was intentional, as Ben Ruiz of Team Colorblind outlined. From the current build that was demoed, he was only able to manage a victory a handful of times. If that’s any sign of the difficulty levels, it’s certainly a heavy test of patience and skill when Aztez goes to retail. It’s a welcome shift going away from top view combat unit placement to a one man wrecking machine to win battles with.


The MIX LA build was smooth and the framerate held steady; it was just a difficult challenge to survive the flood of spears, swords and general fury. With Aztez closing in on release, it’ll be a welcome experience to see the final balance of its combat along with the strategy elements they’ve already developed.

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