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Super Roman Conquest Nears Goal And End Of Kickstarter


Super Roman Conquest Nears Goal And End Of Kickstarter

Super Roman Conquest is a 2D RTS game that is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter. It currently has only four days left to raise just under $5,000. One of the hooks of the game is that the world is 3D with multiple lanes to send your troops down. Currently all the graphics are retro styled place holders, but it’s enough to get an impression of what they are trying to do.

The developers are going for complete control over units as opposed to just sending them out as many other 2D RTS games do. Some of the inspirations they cited are King Athur’s World (just looking at it I immediately thought of King Athur’s Gold), Worms, Mount and BladeFTL, and Fez. The team is a few guys who worked for LucasArts and have formed SeaCliff Interactive after Disney shut the studio down. As always any crowdfunded game is a risk but as least these guys have experience and are part of OUYA’s Free The Games Fund. If they do meet their goal they will receive the same amount from OUYA for timed console exclusivity (this does not apply to PC, Mac, Linux). With only a few days left I would recommend taking a look at Super Roman Conquest’s Kickstarter.


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