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Sunset Overdrive Coming in 2014


Sunset Overdrive Coming in 2014

Celebrating the release of the Xbox One in North America, Insomniac Games went to Twitter to announce that Sunset Overdrive would be  released in 2014. The game premiered earlier this year at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, and in my opinion was the standout announcement.

Not much is known about Sunset Overdrive at this point, but the teaser from last year gives me the impression that it’s a multi-player game, with a punk rock-ish art style, the wacky weapons Insomniac is known for, and a mutant outbreak as the backdrop. Unfortunately, Insomniacs last step outside the realm of Ratchet and Clank ended up being Fuse, hopefully, Sunset Overdrive isn’t destined to repeat that game’s success.

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