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Steam Early Access Games No Longer Under New Releases


Steam Early Access Games No Longer Under New Releases

Since last Friday it appears that early access games on Steam are not showing up on the new release tab. Project Zomboid and Assetto Corsa both released early versions on November 8th and are only being displayed on Steam as the large picture ads and it seems nowhere else. Early access has been a good source of funding for games such as Spacebase DF-9 and a way to get feedback on beta’s before a games full release.

Wrack also came out on early access just today and is not under new releases. This probably means that there will be a new tab for this program at some point in the near future. I do understand not putting these games under new releases though, as they are not done. I find it a little unfortunate that Steam didn’t have a new list in place before removing these games from new releases. This is generally a great way for them to get exposure, I personally only look through the new release list everyday and I would have missed Project Zomboid if not for other news sources. So go have a look and let’s hope this gets sorted out quickly.

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