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The Sims 3: Into the Future Review – Slippin’ INTOOOO THEEEE FUUUTUUUURRRREE


The Sims 3: Into the Future Review – Slippin’ INTOOOO THEEEE FUUUTUUUURRRREE


The Sims 3‘s slew of expansions comes to an end with Into the Future as The Sims 4 gets ready to release next year. Though late next year. But I’m sorry for reminding you of that, it depresses me too. So with The Sims 3: Into the Future being the last expansion as well as new grounds for the series, is it worth the money? The short answer: If you’re a pre-existing Sims fan, hell yes.

As was customary with all the expansions, Into the Future adds a whole new town. With a twist this time, as the town’s actually set in the future. You start the game as normal with your family in their respective house, when suddenly a time traveler crash lands on your porch. After a short mission and some introductions, you’re able to use the portal he leaves behind to go into the future whenever you want.

The new town’s named Oasis Landing and introduces all the technological advances that comes with the future for the sims. Things like jetpacks, hover boards, and bot building stations. While it’s cool when you first go to the future, you’ll quickly find you can just buy all of the futuristic items that Into the Future adds right from the buy mode in the present time inside your home. Same thing goes with the new hairstyles and clothes. However, you won’t find things like the wrecks, excavation sites, or nanites scattered about Oasis Landing.


Additionally, there’s a fun story that comes with doing the missions the Time Traveler gives you in the future. These serve to really show you the great things you can do in this brave new world. Reminiscent of World Adventures and the missions you could do in the different vacation spots, with even wastelands to explore.

Three new skills are added: Laser Rhythm-a-con, Advanced Technology, and Bot Making. Laser Rhythm-a-con is like an instrument skill set that comes from using the item specifically. The Advanced Technology one is insanely easy to progress through as all you need to do is pretty much use any futuristic item and the skill with go up. Meanwhile, Bot Making is the shining new skill as it has you working your way to create nanites, trait chips, and plumbots. Plumbots are new to the series and are basically robot pals that don’t require the same needs as regular Sims do. Their traits are interchangeable with the trait chips, so you can create your own little death machine- I mean, friendly robot, in any way you want. I was also really happy to see that the plumbot creation screen allowed so much customization for the design of your bot.


Additionally, plumbots can be entered in competitions at the arena in Oasis Landing. Battlebot, Bot Building, and EmotiBotting are three of the different competitions you can enter. Like with pets, working on your plumbot and creating even better ones will earn you better trophies in each of the competitions (as well as their individual difficulty tiers). I’m incredibly impressed that making a plumbot doesn’t just equate to an extra mouth to feed for your family, but rather it adds a lot of playability to the game.

But the coolest addition by far (and I just assume will be even more assume in The Sims 4) in Into the Future is the changes that can occur to Oasis Landing depending on what you do in the present time. The traits your sim has affect their descendants’ traits, appearance, and even home in Oasis Landing. This is where the Time Almanac item comes in and allows you to keep track of what you’re doing to the future.

If you go to the middle of Oasis Landing, you’ll find a Legacy Park. Here, statues are erected honoring the greatest sims. Fulfilling certain things in the present may even land you one of the 5 statues in Legacy Park. Not only that can be changed, as you can actually change Oasis Landing to become one of three kinds of societies: Normal, Utopian, and Dystopian. Emit (the Time Traveler) will help you alter the present to make the future that you want for your sim. Which hopefully is Utopian. You psycho.

With all of these changes that add yet even more gameplay to an already abundant series, I have to give The Sims 3: Into the Future my recommendation to any The Sims 3 fans. If you’re just getting into the series, I recommend it as well. Really, I recommend all the expansions, as EA really outdid themselves this generation with making sure that no expansion felt like a waste of money, and each one added even more life than the last.

Final Breakdown

[+Adds many new items, hairstyles, clothes] [+New town that offers new quests a la World Adventures] [+Interesting “change the future mechanics”] [+Plumbot creation and uses is a great addition] [-The lag that’s there for my game got worse with this expansion. Had to install Overwatch]

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