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Senran Kagura Burst….Ing Out Next Week


Senran Kagura Burst….Ing Out Next Week

More like “Bust-ing” out amirite?

Am I right?

Anyways, the boob ninja game Senran Kagura Burst will be out for the 3DS eShop next week on November 14th for $30. The game actually features two games, the first in the series, Skirting Shadows, and its sequel, The Crimson Girls. The 3D beat-em-up, ninja brawler is pretty popular back in Japan, enough for its own anime adaptation. Surprisingly, despite evidence otherwise the game is rated T here in the states so surely it’s not that bad. I’m sure it’s okay to play it on the bus on your commute to work or whatever. Yeah, you’ll be so cool if you do.

This could be the breast thing since sliced bread.

…Okay I’m done. Sorry. If you can imagine my face right now it’s filled with shame for terrible puns. It also has a hint of that self-satisfied grin, y’know the one you make when you’re secretly proud of yourself.

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