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Get in the Spirit with Saints Row IV Christmas DLC


Get in the Spirit with Saints Row IV Christmas DLC

It’s not even Thanksgiving, yet holiday cheer is nigh-unavoidable. They’re already playing Christmas carols in stores and on the radio, and more than a few of my neighbors have bedecked their halls (read: front yards) with blinking lights and inflatable snowmen. Even video game studios are getting in on the action (read: profit).

On December 11,  fans of Saints Row IV can get festive with DLC entitled “How the Saints Saved Christmas.” How did the Saints save Christmas? I’m guessing guns.

The big man himself, Santa, is trapped in the Simulation, and the Saints must overcome their Scrooge-y bosses to free him in time for Christmas. The press release calls it “A holiday classic for the whole family,” which is obviously a joke unless you play Saints Row IV with your kids, in which case, power to you?

With three story missions, new weapons, and new vehicle skins, “How the Saints Saved Christmas” will at the very least expand your playtime. Hopefully it will live up to the humor of the base game. Hell, it might even put you in the Christmas spirit.

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