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Rainbow Moon is Coming to Vita


Rainbow Moon is Coming to Vita

I was quite surprised by SideQuest Studios little tactical RPG / dungeon crawler when I reviewed it last year. It was a slow starter, but once you really got in to the meat and potatoes of the game, it became a good bit of fun. That’s why I’m a bit excited to find out that Rainbow Moon is coming to Playstation Vita later this year. For the portable version, the team has focused on tweaking some minor issues to really speed up the gameplay. The XP counters are skippable, items can be used straight from the vendors instead of having to go through menus, and they’ve fixed the movement controls. This is a HUGE improvement as the movement is a bit tricky in this game with the isometric perspective. This patch is coming to the PS3 version as well.

The game features Sony’s cross save system, so you can play it at home or on the go with the same save file. You can expect to download Rainbow Moon on December 3rd for your Vita, or right now if you want to start playing it on your PS3.

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