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RadioShack Sale Drops PS Vita Price to $160


RadioShack Sale Drops PS Vita Price to $160

[UPDATE: Wifi sold out shortly after this was posted.]

If you’re one of the many many people still on the fence about picking up a PS Vita, you are literally out of excuses. A sale running right now at RadioShack has reduced the price of the PS Vita by $40.00, which leaves the price right at a beautiful $159.99. That price point is now lower than both the Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL. Oh, and RadioShack offers free shipping on orders over $25 too so you won’t even have to worry about paying extra to get this device from a warehouse to your hands.

The price cut comes less than a week before the release of the PS4. Though the Vita is a fun piece of hardware on its own, promised PS4/Vita compatible features like RemotePlay make Vita ownership even sweeter. Even without the PS4, weekly updates to freebie and sale games on PS+ offer an ever accessible game library for the handheld. The sale runs through the 16th, but given that 3G models have already sold out, it couldn’t hurt to move sooner rather than later to take advantage of this deal.

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