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PokeRap Updated with all 718 Existing Pokemon


PokeRap Updated with all 718 Existing Pokemon

In an amazing and almost masochistic undertaking, Collegehumor has re-done the PokeRap. Now, however, the rap includes all 718 currently released Pokemon. The guys over at Collegehumor are totally aware of how crazy their job here was and hilariously incorporate that fact into the video. Took 9 minutes to name every single Pokemon, even in high speed. How nuts is that? I guess it has been a long time since the Red and Blue days, haha.

If they missed anyone, let us know! And if you find Lugia, let me know. I probably just wasn’t paying attention, but I didn’t see him. Otherwise, they probably remembered to get everyone in there. All the same, enjoy the video, it’s crazy impressive!

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