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Nokia Lumia 1020 and Samsung Galaxy Mega Reviews


Nokia Lumia 1020 and Samsung Galaxy Mega Reviews

Phones are not one of the important electronics in my life. I want something that will make calling, texting, surfing the internet, and playing games easily. It’s only a small fraction of my day, but to be fair, it’s every single day when you own a business. I had the chance to get my hands on the Lumia and Mega for brief reviews and overviews of both phones. However, I’m here to give more of a gamer’s approach to both phones for you all.


I was pleasantly surprised to find, coming from a solely iOS background, a wide variety of games available for Lumia users. And to think that with this glorious little Windows phone, I can register in my Xbox Live account and play certain XBLA titles on the go. The audacity of earning achievements when I’m bored in class is a little too awesome for my old-school brain to comprehend this step into the future. But I love it anyway.

There’s no doubt about the Nokia Lumia 1020 phone, it definitely has gamers in mind. All of the games I played appeared beautiful on the just-big-enough screen and it responded perfectly with each of my touches. Even the precise, specific instances I needed to do.

My biggest complaint with the Lumia has to be its design, however. The camera on the back, while being wonderful for taking beautiful, high quality shots, feels really awkward when playing a horizontal game. Additionally, the boxy case isn’t idea for palms that are holding the edges of the phone.

But ultimately, with a sleek interface that makes it simple to find everything you could possibly want to use, I’d recommend this for anyone that wants to upgrade to a gaming heavy phone. Especially if you’re an Xbox 360 fan and want to take your gaming experience on the go with achievements and XBLA games. Plus the obnoxious yellow design available is incredible.


Now on the other hand, with the Samsung Galaxy Mega, I wasn’t sure of its practicality at all. The first thing you’ll notice is its size. For my tiny hands, the mega (fits its name) phone wasn’t convenient at all. Even for gaming, I felt while its screen was large and allowed you to see all the beautiful pixels at a good size for mobile game, I was really awkward playing anything for fear it’d fall and smash on the floor. Of course, the massive screen has its advantages because you’re able to hit precise commands with so much space to do so, however, you’re better off buying a stylus (it doesn’t come with one) if you’re going to get the Mega. This is because if your use of it comes in writing a lot of notes with ease or writing them, you’ll find that using a stylus will be a better bet when doing so. It’s a bit of a bummer that it doesn’t come packaged with one.

When it comes to having a phone of this size, however, I just don’t see the point. If you like the idea of having something that hardly fits (if it does at all) in your pocket, but is great for jotting down notes and gives a lot of room to work with, then the Mega is for you. If you’re like me and are just an average phone consumer that wants games to play on my downtime and calls/texts/web surfing to make, the size is just a bit cumbersome.

Dog contortionist Mimzy models for the Lumia 1020's awesome camera.

Dog contortionist Mimzy models for the Lumia 1020’s awesome camera.

I have to note that as a FREE iOS gamer primarily, I was chiefly disappointed in both phones. Not only did I have a hard time finding a menu that gave me all games available (but that only costed zero dollars), but I also didn’t find much of a variety as iOS has. For the games I did manage to find and try out, downloading on both devices was a zinch and lightning fast with AT&T’s 4G LTE network (same goes for when I surfed the internet and used apps that relied on internet connection). Between both of these phones, I’d go with the Lumia, myself. Though I hardly see it as a competition. They’re so different that it depends on what you want out of a phone. The Windows interface is so sleek and easy to use that everything on your screen is exactly what you’d want to see. You can just swipe and boom, you’ll have access to your email and all of your social media accounts in one beautiful looking cube. Meanwhile, if you want a phone that can help you knock a person out, the Mega is your blunt weapon.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 can be found here, while the Samsung Galaxy Mega is over here.

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