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Nintendo’s Wii Mini is Coming to the United States


Nintendo’s Wii Mini is Coming to the United States

The Wii consoles are all a bit confusing for the average consumer. Let’s say I went in to a store to buy a console for my child and I didn’t know anything about this industry. Would I get a Wii or a Wii U? “What’s the difference,” I would think. Well that consumer is now going to get a bit more confused with the newest console coming to retailers. The Wii Mini is set to come South this month, just in time for the holiday rush.

It has always been a bit odd to me that Nintendo of America has been pushing the Wii Mini in Canada exclusively for a year, while we still pay a little bit more for the white box. With the fact that Nintendo of Japan and Europe have started closing up shop with the Wii, while Nintendo of America kept quiet, a lot of us were a bit curious as to what Nintendo had up its sleeves. Now we know.

The Wii Mini, besides being smaller, has no AV component or online functionality, which limits its audience. There are plenty of Wii’s circulated in the wild for a bit cheaper than this, so I’m not exactly sure how this move will fare.

The Wii Mini Will Arrive in the US in November [Nintendo Life]

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