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New Retro Gaming Magazine Funded Through Kickstarter


New Retro Gaming Magazine Funded Through Kickstarter

RETRO, a new magazine focused on gaming history, successfully closed out it’s Kickstarter campaign yesterday. With a goal of $50,000 they ended up raising just over $75,000. The bi-monthly magazine will be available in print and digital formats, and plans to publish in January 2014.

The long list of writers features many talented voices known to gamers interested in retro content. Jeremy Parish, Chris Kohler, Kat Bailey, Jeff Green, Seanbaby, and many others are confirmed to author content for this new venture. I am incredibly excited to see this project come together. This being a US based magazine means we probably won’t see much Spectrum coverage like in the UK based Retro Gamer. Also prices will be listed in American money, and discussion of rarity will focus on this region. The more I think about this the more excited I get.

The website for RETRO is currently undergoing maintenance, but will hopefully be up on short order.

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