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New Fable Anniversary Screenshots – Sweet UI, Homie.


New Fable Anniversary Screenshots – Sweet UI, Homie.

Fable Anniversary is anticipated around the offices here like a batch of Chipotle. Or maybe that’s just me and Muaz being overly excited for it. As a huge fan of the series (Especially the original), I’m looking forward to Fable Anniversary taking me way back, in sexy HD this time. Well, turns out Lionhead Studios has posted up a blog post with “Before” and “After” shots on many new aspects to Fable Anniversary. You can see pictures of how the UI used to look versus now, as well as other screens like the Inventory and World Map. Everything has been revamped to look a lot sleeker than before and we’re left wondering, “Did it seriously used to look like that?” Check out all of the screenshots, as well as why certain decisions were made, over here!

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