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Need for Speed: Rivals is now a PS4 Launch Title


Need for Speed: Rivals is now a PS4 Launch Title

Rarely do we hear of games being released early to make a console launch, but Need for Speed: Rivals is doing just that. According to an announcement made today on the Playstation Blog, Rivals is ready to go and will be available on the day of the PS4’s launch. The seamless single player, co-op, multiplayer switching feature ‘AllDrive’ will be ready for players right at launch and Remote Play will also be enabled day 1. Rivals joins a barrage of sports titles and shooters already on the list of launch titles and will be the first racing game released for the PS4.

Maybe this will fill the hole left in your heart from when Driveclub was delayed. Personally, I’m just glad to see another game on the launch lineup. Things were looking pretty bleak. Soon-to-be owners of the PS4 can expect the game on Launch Day, November 15th, for both in store purchase and digital download. The rest of the console world will still have to wait until November 22nd.

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