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N7 Day 2013–Bioware Thanks The Fans


N7 Day 2013–Bioware Thanks The Fans

For those of you who forgot (how could you?!), today is November 7th, N7 Day, the day of the year when Bioware and Mass Effect fans everywhere celebrate the series, its characters, its story, and its legacy–all in their magnificent splendor.

In commemoration of the game, and more importantly, the fans, Bioware has released a video thanking each and every fan for their love, their effort, and their devotion to the Mass Effect universe. As a fan beyond measure, this made me all kinds of warm and fuzzy, and I’m sure it’ll hit you in all the right spots, too.

I love Bioware for way too many reasons, but high up there on my list are the care and devotion they show to their fans. I know this video is all about Bioware thanking us, but I have something I need to say: THANK YOU, BIOWARE!

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