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MLG Launches eSports Streaming Platform


MLG Launches eSports Streaming Platform

In preparation for the MLG Championship in Columbus, Ohio (November 22-24), Major League Gaming has launched MLG.TV, a dedicated video streaming platform. The site, available online and on mobile devices, offers a 1080p HD player and a Twitter-based chat function. According to co-founder and CEO of MLG, Sundance DiGiovanni (yes, that’s his real name):

The  MLG.TV network and video player are architected to deliver the highest quality viewing experience possible, utilizing the most reliable streaming technology available.

MLG.TV will feature daily eSports programming, as well as live streams of their upcoming MLG events. It will also air eSports Report, a sort of “This Week in eSports” show, every Thursday at 7PM EST. Of course watching MLG Columbus live isn’t free: the “spectator passes” for Dota 2 and Call of Duty are $35…Each. Will MLG.TV be able to compete with free streaming sites like Only time will tell.

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