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[Promoted from our Community Manager’s inbox, here’s another fantastic Guest Writer! This comes from community member, Sterling Archer as part of our The Mix LA coverage. Sterling is a gaming and tech blogger following everything on our special industry. You can’t follow Sterling on Twitter but you can hear about his exploits on our site every blue moon.]

VIDEOBALL is starting on the path to previews; the combination game started its story in PAX and traveled over to TGS. Now it touched down at MIX LA to wow developers and media with its gameplay. Sporting elements of basketball, soccer, football, shooters, and strategy in a way that blends well, it just leaves a state of panic as you try to defend and conquer your opponents.

The latest build offers four player action and the self-branded table brings back retro memories and worrying levels of frustration and semi-aggression. While VIDEOBALL thrives on having a gentle learning curve for those who play, it’s still a game of timing, placement, and knowing when to wage a battle to get the best score. The moment players start grasping those ideas and executing them, it turns into fight or flight, trying to keep up with blocks, shots, and not getting stunned to prevent a complete blowout score from happening.


Our demo TV sat horizontal with everyone hovering over, 4 of us lined up to play and having no experience with VIDEOBALL. It was only a matter of time until I was overshooting the ball, missing opponents with stun shots, and blocking my teammate in with an array of blocks trying to time that level 3 shot. Fortunately, VIDEOBALL is forgiving as long as you fight to learn those ropes and by that third round, we were in a better scoring position, but we still lost.

It’s a retro experience but with refined delivery mechanics and a sense of urgency that anyone will get tangled up in wanting to win while chewing out teammates to pick up the pace, stop blocking the table up, and avoid getting stunned to win some rounds. That sense of urgency and aggression in foosball? They’ve resurrected it and amplified it with even more features while retaining that pure enjoyment in the process.

A thing Muaz and Terrence could never achieve

A thing Muaz and Terrence could never achieve

There’s a ton of work going on with the game to bring the challenge face-to-face or over the net, hopefully as it reaches release we’ll see it start derailing friends, family, and co-workers, as they duel to become the King of VIDEOBALL.  In the meantime, there’s only the remaining itch to play more and to avoid getting decimated the next time around. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until another expo,  for now we leave you with these shots.

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