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The MIX LA – Prefect Stride Preview


The MIX LA – Prefect Stride Preview

[Promoted from our Community Manager’s inbox, here’s another fantastic Guest Writer! This comes from community member, Sterling Archer as part of our The Mix LA coverage. Sterling is a gaming and tech blogger following everything on our special industry. You can’t follow Sterling on Twitter but you can hear about his exploits on our site every blue moon.]

Running into oblivion with no obligations, no goals, no requirements, or timer. Falling into the moment and hitting that Perfect Stride, well, that’s what it felt like at MIX LA with the demo of the game from the LA Game Space project.  While many games focus on goals, timers, and fixed periods of exposure for the user experience, you can’t find any of that in Perfect Stride. It’s about as free as a game world can get, lacking any other figures, crowds, boundaries and seemingly free of almost all limits. There are cones to collect as bonuses and the screen has its own navigation to point players in the right direction if they choose to engage it, but it’s entirely optional.


Perfect Stride focuses on classic skating mechanics; the world is full of half-pipes, low gravity, and encourages sky-surfing through the world. Momentum develops from the fluid control of rolling the mouse side to side, while navigating terrain in a stable sweep to reach high-speed, allowing for huge air and easy clearance of gaps.  It’s easy to get caught up in the action once the controls become familiar. Unfortunately, the wish to go to extreme heights and ride across ceilings will often be the downfall of the experience. Thankfully, Arcane Kids has already anticipated that issue and included a rewind button, you’ll use it as often as your impulse for perfection allows for.


Stylistically, it’s comes off flat, but the array of gradients and high saturation hues paints a remarkably vivid world. It’s not the volume of polygons or the type of shaders, it’s the intricate balance of color and function that compliments the experience. It’s that stretch from reality that allows Perfect Stride to run in such an enjoyable field.  All the sky-running, super jumps, and fluid movement paint an experience one can simply get lost in for long periods of time.


While still in heavy development, Perfect Stride was available in limited alpha for those who supported the LA Game Space Kickstarter.  There are no current plans to offer early access until another game pack goes live, as the first round already wrapped up. It’s a unique experience and one that current games are unable to fill the void of, one can hope to see more of it around to roam and experience that level of freedom.

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