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The MIX LA: Constant-C Preview


The MIX LA: Constant-C Preview

[Promoted from our Community Manager’s inbox, here’s another fantastic Guest Writer! This comes from community member, Sterling Archer as part of our The Mix LA coverage. Sterling is a gaming and tech blogger following everything on our special industry. You can’t follow Sterling on Twitter but you can hear about his exploits on our site every blue moon.]

Constant-C joined us at MIX LA, the game released by IGS hit Greenlight back in August, and was available for play at the mixer. While it’s available on Desura, many haven’t quite picked up on it yet. The game focuses on hundreds of levels of puzzle solving using the Braid and Super Hot style controlling of time, reality, and bending the world to avoid deadly traps around every corner. Our version at the show was setup on the Xbox controller, likely related to the upcoming port.


There’s confusion around every corner and yet there’s a dying urge to keep playing Constant-C. You’re constantly moving the Rescue Robot around the level, flipping around gravity and the world and using a magnetic energy field to manipulate object movement and placement. It’s a frustrating game, as a chaotic symphony of gravity, and for some reason the ship itself is full of blades, lasers, and flat-out death on every level.


With over 100 stages, I was able to tackle the first few sections of Constant-C, toying with gravity and my orientation to break through laser traps and speed towards exit doors. Sadly, the powers that be failed to design our Rescue Robot friend with much strength, as closing large gaps without jump manipulation or rotation tweaks to counter the speed is nearly impossible. There are safe landing pads that absorb the impact but those are often limited in levels.


While Constant-C is frustrating, it has a magical appeal: dying in the most inventive and obscure ways and not getting upset about it. There’s the normal tension and wish to do more, but it’s still enjoyable because of the myriad of ways to die and the mere milliseconds of  timing that you have to perfect to avoid death. It maintains a draw to continue playing even if getting killed 30 times.

While the Xbox version release is off into next year you can get your puzzle craving fix now on the PC.  Check out the video below for some game footage to stir your interest.

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