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Miiverse Messaging A No-No for 3DS


Miiverse Messaging A No-No for 3DS

Nintendo’s been cracking down on its messaging systems as reports of illicit conduct through Nintendo’s Swap Note surfaces. After killing off Nikki (or at least evicting her to Animal Crossing as this one blog shows) Nintendo has decided that the new Miiverse app for the 3DS will also lack messaging features.

The Miiverse app which would finally allow 3DS users access to the Wii U service and create a unified Nintendo ID (rather than friend codes) will not have direct messaging like in the Wii U version. A quote from a Nintendo service representative stated:

“We don’t plan on adding the ‘exchange messages between Friends’ option on the Nintendo 3DS Miiverse. Additionally, there are no plans to allow Nintendo 3DS Miiverse users to use the Friend Request feature.”

It also seems that FlipNote Studios has disabled their Friends Gallery viewing options, and the app is delayed in the West.

While I respect Nintendo’s pursuit to keep children safe….Actually yeah, if people can’t stop themselves from committing crimes through services meant for friendly interaction then I feel Nintendo shouldn’t get flak for attempting to mitigate gross misuse of their products. While it’s a shame I’m unable to continue use of a service my friends and I have been having a great deal of joy in, safety, and online safety especially is also important.

[TinyCartridge: No Miiverse Messaging for 3DS]

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