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Microsoft Embraces Sexist Cliches for Xbox One Marketing


Microsoft Embraces Sexist Cliches for Xbox One Marketing

In one of the dumbest marketing ploys I’ve seen in a while, Microsoft has opted for embracing the tired cliche that girls don’t play video games, and we gamer-men would need their permission to purchase a new Xbox One by convincing them that it won’t eat too much into their knitting time.

No, really, it specifically calls out knitting, with a few other options available to make it more “humorous”, but knitting is the default:

knit options

Because, hey, girls do love their knitting and line-dancing WAY more than their video games, am I right? The options for this lovely preformed letter also pour on sexist-bullshit pandering, like heaping on “you’re beautiful and I love you”, and offer a great selection of games that you could try and convince your poor, lost gal-pal to play with you.

Here’s the whole shebang, screencapped in case Microsoft decides they don’t like the backlash and end up taking it down:

Xbox One Tour - Xbox


And a few of the other options that they’re using to try and make it seem okay (despite the overwhelming bullshit of the default selections):

this makes it ok right sister options

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