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Marth Joins the Next Smash Roster


Marth Joins the Next Smash Roster

Fan favorite character, Marth, of Fire Emblem fame, has been revealed today as one of the new Smash Bros challengers.  With the earlier announcement that all past character would not making an appearance in the upcoming WiiU and 3DS games, many have been speculating ever since just who might be getting the axe, and after two stints of fanciful dashing and graceful swordplay, it looks like Marth gets to live another day, now sporting a look that appears to be inspired by Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Personally, I think if they’re going to replace anyone, it’ll be Ike with another character from the newer Fire Emblem: Awakening from earlier this year.  Only time will tell what brand-new characters Sakurai has to announce besides the three new ones so far.

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