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MapleStory 2 Beta in 2014


MapleStory 2 Beta in 2014

MapleStory, the insanely popular MMORPG that turned most of my childhood friends into zombies is rolling out a sequel in MapleStory 2.

Handled by N Soft, MapleStory 2 will be a game with a whole new art-style in 3D. The story (Do these games have a story?) will take place before the first game so I guess that makes it a prequel. The hope is that the world is at once familiar yet completely new. Just the sorta thing prequels are known for(?)

There are plans for beta sometimes early next year yet no details yet of how to participate. Until then, here’s the official website that will eventually be updated when new info surfaces.

[PS: I really like the little teaser art they released. The character designs are far more adorable than the first.]

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