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Lower Call of Duty Ghosts Resolution on Xbox One Explained


Lower Call of Duty Ghosts Resolution on Xbox One Explained

Do you remember last month when it was said that Call of Duty: Ghosts runs on a lower resolution on the Xbox One when compared to the PS4? It wasn’t entirely clear why this was the case, and people certainly got pretty mad about it, igniting the flames of the console war gods and breathing fresh new life into the never-ending Xbox vs. Playstation black hole.

In a talk with Eurogamer, Infinity Ward has provided an actual explanation as to why the PS4 runs the game on a higher 1080p native versus the Xbox One’s 720p native.

While there isn’t a single overall issue behind this (It’s more of an accumulation of things going on under the Xbox One’s hood), Mark Rubin of Infinity Ward states that the reason why it’s on 720p native is because they weren’t able to keep the framerate at the 60 frames per second they needed. In order to do so, they dropped the resolution down to 720p. However, Rubin does note that he has seen Ghosts run at 1080p and that this will likely be the case for any future entries on the Xbox One, it just wasn’t a possibility now with the beginning of the console’s life span and the chaos that surrounds it.

Are you upset with the “underperformance” of the Xbox One compared to the PS4? Would you have even noticed? Do you even care? Let us know!

Source: [Eurogamer] Xbox One Resolutiongate: Call of Duty: Ghosts Dev Infinity Ward Responds

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