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The Last of Us Story DLC–Teaser Trailer this Thursday


The Last of Us Story DLC–Teaser Trailer this Thursday

This morning, Neil Druckmann, Naughty Dog creative director, sent out a Tweet for fans of the studio’s critically acclaimed The Last of Us.  In a first for the studio, Naughty Dog will be releasing single-player story content in the form of DLC. This will be the third and final DLC released for The Last of Us. Like prior DLC, this pack will also include some multiplayer bonuses that are separate from the campaign.

And so as part of Sony’s PS4 pre-launch party this Thursday, Naughty Dog will be revealing info on the Last of Us’s story DLC slated for launch early next year or maybe even this December. The event will showcase a teaser trailer that is going to evidence who the DLC’s playable character is.

The trailer will be shown live on Spike during the Sony event and will be posted online at 11pm eastern time.

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