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Kromaia Preview – Hardcore Spaceship Action With A Touch Of Rez


Kromaia Preview – Hardcore Spaceship Action With A Touch Of Rez

Kromaia combines a hardcore maneuverable spaceship action game with the aesthetics of Rez. It forgoes the relaxing and hypnotic feeling of Rez to chase high scores and invoke a feeling of mastery of control. It’s being made by Kraken Empire and is currently seeking crowd funding on Indiegogo.

The main hook is a unique control scheme in which your ship is incredibly maneuverable. Touted as “six degrees of freedom” you are able to travel up, down, left, right, forward, and backward at the touch of a button. You can also roll the ship and control your direction with the mouse. It all feels really nice and with the right scenarios, this could be a really great game.

Kromaia 1

There is a free demo currently available that is a timed score attack mode. It took me a few tries to fully understand what was happening. Basically, you fly to these pillared structures picking up floating objects for points and shoot anyone who gets in your way. You just try to keep going with more enemies attempting to stop your journey. Once I was able to discern what was happening, and also jacked up the mouse sensitivity, I quite enjoyed it. I’ve never been one to chase points for too long, but the project promises a more in depth story mode.

Kromaia plans to feature four ships (the demo has two) each with different playing styles. Part of the team’s goal is to make a spaceship action game and not just another spaceship game. Everything has its own physics and looking at some of the footage there seems to be a fair bit of platforming in 3D space, with a flying ship. An advanced A.I. system is being promised, with enemies taking formation and regrouping to attack the player.

Kromaia 3

The entire experience is wrapped up in an original engine that has been in the works for over two years. There are plans to make the entire game very moddable. You will be able to fine tune ships by moving thrusters around, all the way to creating new enemies and A.I. There is quite the list of the features their engine will allow you to change.

As for the crowdfunding campaign, it is not going so well. They currently only have $1,937 of their $40,000 goal with only 10 days left. I feel this makes it safe to say they are not going to close it out. This being an Indiegogo campaign means that they will keep whatever is pledged, so people can still get in on it and perhaps receive a reward. Kraken Empire states that they plan on finishing the game and that the money is to help reach a high level of quality. Already a lot of the game is done, and I feel that if they get on early access on Steam they may find better fortune. Kromaia is also on Steam Greenlight, so if you don’t give them money you can give them exposure with that.


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