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Kane & Lynch Movie Gets Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel


Kane & Lynch Movie Gets Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel

Kane & Lynch wasn’t much cop as a video game, so goodness knows why a movie has sounded like a good use of several million dollars to some Hollywood producer, especially considering the tragic past of game-movie crossovers. Nonetheless, concept-stage Kane & Lynch movie production has nabbed big names for the parts, with King Leonidas himself Gerard Butler as Kane, and Vin Diesel as suitably balding nutcase Lynch.


Oddly, this isn’t the first we’ve heard of such a film being made, and word has been going round of a movie adaptation since the game’s release in 2007, despite it sounding like the brainchild of Uwe Boll in the first place. It was originally even set to have Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx as leads, but the project got abandoned sometime around 2010.

No word of a release date has surfaced yet, or indeed of any other actors taking a part, so probably best to still consider this a little pie-in-the-sky.

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