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Jetpack Joyride Receives a Big Ol’ Update


Jetpack Joyride Receives a Big Ol’ Update

Halfbrick has kept this iOS/Android game going for a long time now, with yet another free content update release last night. In the past, Jetpack Joyride updates have added new clothes, jetpacks, gadgets, and a wave runner. Now, once per day, you can collect the three tokens to spell out S.A.M. to build the Strong Arm Machine, a giant mech capable of deflecting projectiles launched at you. Each day you build the S.A.M. you will be rewarded with a daily prize, and on every fifth day you will unlock one of 32 new costume pieces.

Jetpack Joyride S.A.M.

Also included in the update is the Sleigh of Awesome, but this one costs $4.99 to unlock, and will only be available during the holiday season. Seems a little steep for another vehicle, but hey, there’s a bunch of other free stuff up for grabs. It’s nice to see Halfbrick continuing support on this little game that’s been around for years now, but I’d really like to see them put this much effort into something entirely new. Fish Out of Water didn’t really do it for me. Check out the story behind the S.A.M. in this new trailer:


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