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Japanese PS Vita TV is Region Locked


Japanese PS Vita TV is Region Locked

Sony’s wannabe micro-console, the Vita TV, just released in Japan this week.  The Vita TV is a small machine that allows its users to play Vita games on a television, along with PSP games, PS1 games, and even acting as hub to stream the PS4 ala Remote Play.  Unfortunately there’s been no news yet of the device making its way stateside, but some antsy gamers have gone ahead and imported the device for themselves.

A NeoGaf user kept updates on his setup process and discovered that his United States and New Zealander accounts would not register with the console, proving that the device is, sadly, region locked to Japan only.

This seems a tad strange given how Sony hasn’t region locked a console since the Playstation 2.  Perhaps is to keep the import market control while the Vita TV is still only available for one region?  Who knows, but its definitely strange, and if we’re getting a Vita TV eventually, it just means we gotta wait a little bit longer.

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