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IronFall Tech Demo Shows What the 3DS is Capable Of


IronFall Tech Demo Shows What the 3DS is Capable Of

From VDdev Games comes a technical preview for a game called IronFall for the Nintendo 3DS with stunning graphics that seem to push the technical limitations of the handheld system. The video is primarily a showcase of the various effects and textures at work on the 3DS running IronFall, a third-person shooter reminiscent of Gears of War for the Xbox 360.

The use of complex physics engines and up to 5000 particles onscreen almost leaves me skeptical that the game will operate with minimal lag, but the stress test in the video seems to say otherwise. Other than that, the gameplay doesn’t really break any ground for the third-person shooter genre, although it does fiddle with time mechanics, such as slowing down and stopping time at will.

The perfect group for the world's most uncomfortable game of Twister.

The perfect group for the world’s most uncomfortable game of Twister.

Other than the visuals showcased in the tech demo, there aren’t any details of how intuitive the control scheme will be on the handheld. This certainly looks like a game that would work best with a Circle Pad Pro, but it seems to boasts smooth controls on the standard system without any added peripherals.

VDdev has been fairly silent with only a couple of games having been released over the past decade, so there’s no knowing how it will play, but boy, does it look pretty so far. Without a doubt, IronFall is ambitious as hell, so here’s hoping it turns out to be another fantastic action title for the Nintendo 3DS.  We will be sure to update you once more information on IronFall begins to surface.

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