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Intake Review – Requiem for a Dream


Intake Review – Requiem for a Dream

You know what’s cool? Drugs.

Drugs are very cool, and doing drugs makes you cool. You wanna be cool don’t you? Of course you do. But you know what’s even cooler? Tetris.

Yeah Tetris is way cooler than drugs and it takes away just as many of your precious time as drugs without the whole “messing up your life” thing. All the people of your desired sexual preference will fall in love with you if you’re an amazing Tetris player. But you know what’s even cooler? One might say, the coolest?


So what happens when you combine all three? You get Intake, an indie game with all the addictive properties of drugs, Tetris, and Wubwubstep in a single game.


It starts with a premise: Drugs are bad (not as cool as I previously mentioned, sorry).

That’s why you destroy them. Intake is a gameplay driven concept in which pills, each one will be one of two colors, will rain down from the top of the screen and using your mouse to guide your cursor, you will either use your keyboard or mouse buttons to destroy these pills. The colors of each pill is important because your cursor will need to be the same color as the one you intend on destroying. For example, your cursor must be red in order to destroy red pills and once a green pill shows up, you change your primary color to green with the click of the button and you can destroy the green pill. Let pills slip past you, or shoot the wrong colored pill with the wrong colored cursor and it’s game over. It’s a combination of steady hand-eye coordination and twitch reflexes.intake-04

Of course that would be too easy so points are earned for successful combos and chains and if you’re willing to risk a little danger, you can even let pills hit the ground, granted the color of the stage (which changes with the cursor) also matches the pill.

And what soundtrack would suit such a sport for tactile concentration? While none other than the sweet, sweet melodies of Dubstep. In all honesty it’s pretty okay though really. The sort of aesthetics of the game, neon pills, electrified background, and bright dance lights fit the music considerably. Still, if you absolutely cannot stand Dubstep, the mute button is available and you can probably have your favorite playlist playing in the background.

Let me tell you a story. I’m a big Tetris-fiend. I use it to wind down after exams, or when I feel like getting away. I put on my headphones, have my favorite playlist set on loop, and sink hours into the game. Lame maybe, but you know, it’s a pretty good way to get lost. Anyways, the fact that I can do the same with Intake is a pretty good sign of the sort of playability of the game. It’s a time sink, one that takes you in its hypnotic rhythm and won’t let go. As far as those type of games go, Intake is one of the better ones, and it’s a much more original substitute for those Tetris rehashes released every week for every console available.

Final Breakdown

[+Fun, addicting gameplay][+Stellar visuals][+Fun concept, amazing execution][+Dubstep][-Drugs are indeed bad and we don’t condone its use][-Dubstep]

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