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Inside look at the $100 million development for the Xbox One controller


Inside look at the $100 million development for the Xbox One controller

GamesBeat’s Dan “Shoe” Hsu gives us an exclusive look inside the making of the Xbox One controller.

Part 1 of an ongoing four part series goes in-depth at the internal discussions within Microsoft that led the company to develop their next generation controller. The story goes from Microsoft being hesitant to change the controller at all, looking at their competition, developing hundreds of prototypes, and to testing with more than 500 people throughout the project ultimately spending over $100 million.

Microsoft, once again, set the bar high for their new controller making sure their prototypes would be tested with “golden hands”. Golden hands is a label that Microsoft uses internally to describe hardcore gamers who end up understanding the controller better than the designers. It comes as no surprise that Microsoft targets gaming enthusiasts as well as the most hardcore of gamers when designing their controller, especially how they’ve constantly been seen as the go to controller for e-sports. Microsoft even considered adding smells, a display, a projector, as well as other features currently found on competitors’ controllers.

The article is definitely an interesting read and I recommend it to anyone interested in getting a glimpse at the internal development at Microsoft.


Source: GamesBeat

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