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The Humble Store is Now Live


The Humble Store is Now Live

The Humble Bundle and Humble Weekly Sale have become a recurring series of amazing gaming deals. For months now, developers have also been able to sell their games through the Humble Store, a transaction service offered by the company. Now that service has come to fruition in a store front. Or at least what kinda looks like a store front.

The Humble Store is a place where developers that Humble has paired with, will be able to offer their games at a discount. Instead of having a permanent marketplace of all that lies in their catalog, it seems the company is looking to run a flash deal system. The games will be on sale for 24 hours only, so if you see something you like, snatch it up. A few of the titles are DRM-free and 10% of each sale goes to a number of charity organizations.

The following are currently on sale:

Game TitleSale Price
Regular Price
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare$6.25$24.99
Don’t Starve$7.49$14.99
Euro Truck Simulator 2$6.25$24.99
Natural Selection 2$6.25$24.99
Orcs Must Die! 2 Complete$6.25$24.99
Prison Architect (Alpha)$14.99$29.99
Rogue Legacy$7.49$14.99
The Swapper$4.99$14.99

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