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Help Kickstart the Ultimate Sega Genesis Art Book


Help Kickstart the Ultimate Sega Genesis Art Book

Sometimes, some Kickstarter campaigns that are just too cool to pass up appear and deserve a bit more extra attention.  The Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Collected Works is one such project.  A project for a new book has turned up from Darren Wall to help preserve the colorful history of the 16-bit console that could (and did… what Nintendon’t).

The book plans to archive artwork behind the design of the Genesis consoles, accessories, and games.  This includes prototype designs for controllers as well as design documents for system spin-offs such as the Sega Nomad and even the Wondermega– yeah, this is a book for the Sega hardcore.

Also featured throughout the book will be interviews from key players in the Genesis’s success including Dave Perry, Yuji Naka, Yuzo Koshiro, Yu Suzuki, and more, spanning across games including Sonic, Streets of Rage, and even cult classic Rent-a-Hero.

The project already has the legal go-ahead from Sega and now just needs the financial support of backers on Kickstarter.  There are some really cool rewards for backers including posters, prints, illustrations, and of course the book itself.

If you were or still are a fan of the golden age of Sega, when hedgehogs roamed the earth, this might definitely be one Kickstarter to keep your eyes on in the coming weeks before it ends in a little over three weeks.

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