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GTA Online Diaries – Explosive BMX Biking


GTA Online Diaries – Explosive BMX Biking

Welcome back to GTA Online Diaries, where I share some recent stories from my crew’s online hijinks. Last time, I introduced some of our ideas of easy and stupid fun you can have with your friends in Freemode. Today, I’m expanding on that idea with a different take on BMX biking around San Andreas. My crew loves to take part in any of the structured jobs such as parachuting, racing, deathmatches, and survival, but not as much as we like to create our own fun around Los Santos & Blaine County. We are usually laughing our asses off while taking part in these made up activities; it’s pure joy. Here’s a simple guide to a jovial future in your virtual crime life, and once again, all the screenshots shown are from my crew’s Snapmatic profile. Here’s an aerial shot of a foggy morning in the city:

Cruising around in a chopper can make for some real purdy shots

Cruising around in a chopper can make for some real purdy photos.

I wasn’t initially all that interested in the bicycles in Grand Theft Auto V; I figured they’re fun for the story missions, and that’s about it. As it turns out though, BMX biking around the city, backflipping off ramps, jumping over cars, and running from the cops in tight alleyways is a ton of fun. I’ve pulled off some really cool escapes by jumping over small fences or something that would have normally gotten me stuck if I was in a car. Also, as with anything in GTA Online, bunny hopping around the city is even better with your crew. A couple fellow criminals and I decided to ride around and check out all the skate parks scattered around the city. Our favorite spot ended up being the vert ramp near the LifeInvader HQ, on the west side of the city.

0_0-2We remained civil at the skate park for a period of time before altering the games a little bit to make things more dangerous. We came up with the idea of one person trying to knock the others off their bikes, using a baseball bat. It’s totally possible and hilarious, but unfortunately the ragdoll effects never quite look the same on everyone’s screen, so we couldn’t get a great picture of it in action.

I call it: BMX tee-ball.

I call it “BMX tee-ball.”

The main issue with everything we’ve done so far is not enough explosions, which brings me to my next activity. This one is another simple one: try to snap a photo of someone jumping over an exploding car on the BMX bike. We rigged a car with a sticky bomb, set it up halfway down the stairs near the same skate park, aaaand blew each other up a bunch of times. After a few attempts though, we nailed it. The only thing that would have made it better was to have someone on cleanup duty, to get rid of the previously exploded cars before each attempt. Ain’t nobody got time f’dat.

0_0-7This last activity is truly impossible, but it was fun trying anyway. The goal is to loop a motorcycle around this blue art thing, located outside the Penris building. We could never do it, as the game kicks you off your bike as soon as you start to go upside down. Some of the bike physics are kind of a bummer, actually. I wish Rockstar wouldn’t have made the motorcycles so glued to the ground; if you’ve tried looping around the underground tunnel, you know what I mean.

It looks like it's going to work...

Sometimes it looks like it’s going to work…

But it totally doesn't.

It totally doesn’t.

That’s it for this edition of GTA Online Diaries. I hope you got some ideas from this, and I would love to hear what kinds of stuff you like to do around Los Santos. At this point, my crew has played almost every structured activity there is, so we’re always looking for something ridiculous to do. I’ve already got some screenshots lined up for next time, where I’ll be focusing on some of the rare cars in GTA Online, and some of my personal favorites from my garage. So check back soon for more!

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