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PC Charity Sale Offers Three Games for $5 is offering a charity sale right now, with 100% of donations going to whichever of the three involved charities you wish to donate to. Users can select  Gaming For Good, the World Wildlife Foundation, or Worldbuilders, and receive three games for any donation of $5 or more. Increasing the donation amount also means additional games can be selected – the minimum donation will change depending on how many you decide you’d like to pick up.

Included in the event are Darwinia, FTL, PID, Waking Mars, Driftmoon, Incredipede, Botanicula, Creatures Village, The Whispered World, and Oddworld: Abe’s Oddessee. There’s some solid titles in the list, and a great deal with every dollar spent going to a worthwhile cause is always a great thing.

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