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First Trailer for Game Center CX Movie Appears


First Trailer for Game Center CX Movie Appears

After an amazing eight year run, the classic Japanese let’s-play show, Game Center CX (known in the states as Retro Game Master) is making its cinematic debut.  What’s that, you say?  How can a let’s-play show about challenging old and retro games have its own movie?  Well, by chronicling the story of Shinya Arino and the very first game he attempted (and failed) to beat on the show, Mighty Bomb Jack, and his repeated attempt at redemption in 2014.  At the same time, we flash back to the 80’s to see a young Japanese boy struggling with his own challenges focusing around the insanely difficult Famicom game in a parallel story.

Tiny Cartridge supplies a translated synopsis;

The year is 1986. Daisuke is a young boy who loves Famicom and Shonen Jump Magazine. While talking about the Famicom game Mighty Bomb Jackwith his crush Kumiko, he promises to lend her his copy of the game. Daisuke is ecstatic — how glad he is to be a Famicom gamer! However, his Mighty Bomb Jack is swiped by his rebellious yankii childhood friend Katou. Even worse, the game then falls into the hands of the legendary yankii-rebel Abe, an older kid. Daisuke’s Mighty Bomb Jack is in danger of being perma-borrowed. Is his chance at love with Kumiko over? Determined, Daisuke heads for Abe’s room…

Fast forward to the year 2006, at Tokyo’s Hitotsubashi Hall. 800 Game Center CX fans fill the venue and watch Chief Arino struggle with the brutally hard Mighty Bomb Jack, a game he’s twice tackled and twice lost. As the fans cheer him on, he pulls a few miracle moves, but the challenge’s time limit ticks closer…

Warp or save? Linked together by the same game, the two have a miraculous encounter. What of Daisuke and Kumiko’s love?! And can Chief Arino successfully clear Mighty Bomb Jack?!

The movie is set to release in Japan in February 2014 and appears to stick with the theme of the show, providing a tongue-in-cheek melodrama based around the very things we love about retro games.  Fans of the show in both Japan and America eagerly await the release of the ludicrous film, and honestly, I can’t wait either.

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